Crowdlinker helps you reach the right people.

Crowdlinker makes it easy to share your content with people who fit your target audience. Set up a campaign by indicating the kind of people you would like to reach, and let your readers share your content with LinkedIn connections who fit your criteria. Our intelligent recommendation algorithm will automatically suggest the right people to share with. It's that simple.

Target your Audience

When your readers share content, you have the ability to set precise filters to identify and recommend the right people to share it with. From now on, for any topic or theme, there will always be relevant contacts who will be automatically recommended, whenever one of your readers decides to share your content on social media.


Enable Direct Sharing

When your readers share content on LinkedIn through Crowdlinker, the recipients will receive a direct message. This method ensures that every time an article is shared, it is almost guaranteed that the intended recipient will see it, thereby increasing the likelihood of your content being discovered by those who care about it.

Arm Yourself With Analytics

Analytics enables you to get an in-depth understanding of your readership. All the right metrics you care about, in one place.

  • Audience Composition
  • Key Influencers
  • Detailed Demographics

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